This is something I've been pondering and planning for quite awhile now, and I finally got some free time to make it happen. New things are always exciting, and this has been a long overdue change! My old blog (Story of my Life, in case you'd still like to read old posts) has been around since my freshman year of college in 2008, and for the time, it was a good fit. All good things come to an end, however, and with all the recent changes in my life (you know, growing up and all that), it's time to move on to something new.

So--why Adventurously?

If you know me, you know that the word "adventure" holds a lot of meaning for me. It's my theme for life, in a sense. And while I absolutely love the outdoors and travel and all the things that "adventure" typically refers to, I believe that it applies to every area of life: spirituality, everyday lifestyle, creativity, learning, thinking, being, etc.

Adventure stands for
the unknown,
& for growth.

I wanted a space that reflects that idea. I needed a place where I could write about what I'm learning, what I'm doing, and share ideas and creativity (both mine and others'), all side by side, and it not seem out of place. Basically, I wanted a blog that actually fit with what I was already trying to do. I'm hoping that this blog enables me to do just that.

I moved some of my old posts over to this blog because some of them represent a HUGE part of who I am now, and it just wouldn't be complete without them. For the ones that didn't make the jump, though, the old blog is still live, so you can still find them if you want! (Somehow, I think I'm the only person who will ever be doing that…)

I'm still getting everything in place, and things are still pretty busy, so it'll probably be awhile before it's 100% complete (if that's even a thing with me). Hopefully, though, after June, I'll be able to start updating a little more regularly!

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