One of my favorite things to do is find new music. (I love sites like Noisetrade--free, legal, and lots of new artists to be discovered!) I thought it would be fun to share some of the stuff I'm listening to every now and then, both new discoveries and old favorites. I like a pretty wide variety of stuff, so hopefully somewhere along the way, you'll find something you like!

This mix includes some fun, upbeat songs I've been liking this summer. I hope you enjoy!

LISTEN: 8tracks

01. Big Blue Wave  -  Hey Ocean!
02. You & I  -  Paper Route
03. Modern Love  -  Matt Nathanson
04. Always Summer  -  Yellowcard
05. Frequency  -  The CO
06. Heart of Me  -  Green River Ordinance
07. Little Numbers  -  BOY
08. Love and Fear  -  We Shot the Moon

P.S. I finish the very last of my grad classes TONIGHT. One big thesis to go this fall, and I will be done with school for good!

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